Sunday, 14 August 2011

Make Up : Santai : Sarwani

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Yesterday, I met with my dearest and bestest friends Wani and Kak Ain at KLCC. It was our first time meeting after Kak Ain became Mrs Aminatul Aiman. Yes, she got married to her love of her life Mr Asyraff..Hehe..We've been planning to meet up for weeks, but only got the chance to finally 'bermanja-manja' together yesterday.

Sampai-sampai je kat KLCC, I found her talking to a MAC staff. For your information, Kak Ain memang ada provide service make up untuk engagement, or dinner parties. And one of her dreams was to open her own bridal house one day. So, semalam Kak Ain sempat la shopping barang-barang make up untuk bisnes dia.

Jadinya, sesi bermanja-manja semalam dah jadi sesi fotografi untuk promote service make up and blogshopnye di dunia maya.
Mari layan pics ok... 

 Kak Ain kate die makin berisi sejak kahwin. But to me, she looks exactly the same. Masa jumpa kat MAC semalam, Kak Ain baru lepas bergambar enagn Ifa Raziah yang kebetulan beli make up kat situ jugak. Sempat lagi Kak Ain mintak supaya di 'makeover' kan by one of the make up artist kat situ. Bila dah habis sesi makeover  Kak Ain, we walked to KLCC PArk while waiting for Wani to arrive.
Talent : Sarwani Rodzuan
MUA : Ana Ee Make Up
Tema : Santai

Tak lengkap la sesi make over without tudung yang sesuai kan? The shawl is provided by Kak Ain's own blogshop taw...

the MUA, the MODEL, the PHOTOG

...more interesting story, leh continue kat

tersangat la tenkiu to Ms Keyl coz izin kan ana copy paste story tersebut coz, tetibe ana sgt kering kontang idea nak buat n3 ni... hehe

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